Thursday, June 19, 2008

You're Ummmm Missing a Few Letters

Sidebar Post from our neighbors across the pond
This looks about right for NYC even though its in the UK

Will Smith's new movie "Cock" I mean theatres soon

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

WTF- This kid is hilarious

This is absolutely hilarious! Not sure if this actually happened in New York but I wouldn't put it past this place.

So obviously Mama, big sis, Auntie or possibly Grandma were out in California and this is the childs' re-enactment of the throwdown.

PARENTS Please don't lend your kids camera phones, video cameras, or digital cameras with video options. This is obviously what they get into when you leave them home alone!

Pay close attention to when the little boy slaps himself at the end of the clip and starts speaking in Creole.

By the way this kid is adorable and is quite the actor...he deserves some type of recognition

Favorite Quotes "I'ma shoot you. I'ma shoot you." "Oh my God Lord Jesus."

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

WTF is she saying

See this is one example of what I'm talking about! I've seen people ready to scrap over bus seats (myself included) but never have I seen or heard of someone rushing the bus driver.

But this is a classic. So you're going to ummm... tell the bus driver you're in a rush? There have been plenty of times I wanted to press the emergency call button on the train and ask the conductor, "What do you mean there's train traffic? I thought traffic was only for cars." Instead I just sit quietly and pretend to read my book!

But oh no not Mother Russia here who can barely speak English!!! (Ahhhhh I love this place)

Quotetable lines-- "You not I." "Take taxi now you stoopid bumb."

The Temperature is down maybe the craziness will subside

I've been in New York City for a little over two years. In my short time here I have seen some of the craziest, weirdest, yet most memorable stuff in my 23 years on this earth.

I created this blog because I thought... hey why not post some of the crazy shit you see?

Besides the over crowded trains and abundance of homeless people (who I do feel sorry for)this place is the home of great shopping, great food and great entertainment. It's not all that bad... but there are a few things that will make you go hmmmmm!

Come travel with me and experience my life in NYC.